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REAR BARN DOOR TABLE or RDT (rear door table, this is what we call them) This honestly has to be one of the best mods we have done to our LC76, having a fold down table for me has honestly finished off my setup in the back of the cruiser. Having fridge and power (240v, 12v Anderson and USBs) right next to the RDT makes life on the road so much more enjoyable! Making a coffee in the morning, beers and snacks at sundown or simply charging camera gear or phones it just works and once you're done using it...

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Protect Your Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series with Svnty6 Fab Fire Extinguisher Mounting Brackets  If you’re lucky enough to own a Toyota Landcruiser 70 series, you don’t have to read the news to know how valuable your rig is. But let me ask you this, how protected is your 4WD in the unexpected event of a fire?  Everyone knows we need at least one fire extinguisher in our 4WD, but is that enough!? If you’re a crack shot under pressure, your ‘one and only’ 1kg fire extinguisher is great. But if you miss, you’re up sh#t creek! So let's agree two...

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